What can I do for you? Here is a list of ways that I can help:


  • Upgrade hardware and software for a faster computer
  • Repair hardware problems
  • Install All Windows Operating Systems, and other software
  • Restore lost data, and recover data from a damaged hard-drive
  • Setup of computer network, and wireless network
  • Clear viruses, trojans, adware and spyware
  • And much more! Just ask.






No ticking clock. No surprises.


Most of my services have no hourly charges, no ticking clock to swell the bill if work takes longer than anticipated. Instead most services are charged at a fixed rate, with costs explained in writing to each customer before any work begins.

The fee for a Basic Diagnostic Service Visit is $34.95, which brings a technician to your location to do a diagnosis when permitted and prepare a formal Service Recommendation. The Service Recommendation describes the services recommended by the technician, and details the cost of bringing your computer back to optimal operating condition.

Diagnostic fee is waved once you agree to recommended services, and services are carried out only after customer approval.